Roadtrip Essentials

2020 has certainly thrown the travel world for a loop as many Americans face the reality of flight cancellations and begrudgingly kiss international travel goodbye for the immediate future. However, many Americans are bringing back the great American past time of “hitting the open road” and travelling from the safety of their cars. Now whether you’re going to see grandma or get to a national park, I’ve curated a list of “Roadtrip Essentials” to make that trip all the more enjoyable!



After MANY MANY roadtrips, I’ve learned that certain items can make all the difference by providing some little creature comforts that can make or break your trip.

  1. First Aid Clutch: Always important to have the basics at hand for any small accidents that can happen. PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: If you have a husband, boyfriend, or children, YOU NEED ONE. Plus, it comes in this super cute clutch!

  2. Essential Oil Diffuser: I first started looking for the ones that plug in and use water but then realized that would mean one less power plug available in the car, and that’s some expensive real estate. Plus, water and electricity in the car just seems messy and possibly disastrous. This option only uses essential oils and your car’s a/c to freshen the air, saves you money, plug space & possible peril!

  3. Leather Trash & Tissue containers: These are just too cute! I don’t know about you, but having a little container in my car to collect trash really helps me keep my car tidy. Plus, my tissue box always gets crushed underfoot. This set can match to your car’s interior and keep things just a little bit neater.

  4. Anywhere Travel Guide: This little guy is soo cool. You’ve probably seen it on other pages of my site. It’s a great pocket tool that you can use on any trip, any where. Near and Far, use this guide to explore your own city or a new one on the other side of the world.

  5. Sun Bum Continuous Spray Sunscreen: Being a Floridian, you’d think I’d be more on top of sunscreen, but admittedly like most natives sometimes this guy slips my mind. That was until I met the sun of Sedona, Arizona. Apparently, they have a different sun in that state. One that burns you by the minute rather than by the hour. Needless to stay, you won’t catch me on a trip without it again. I learned my lesson after paying $10 for a 4oz bottle of white lotion that wouldn’t rub in. I prefer continuous spray because I hate the feel of traditional lotions that don’t absorb quickly. I forget I’ve even put this on!

  6. Diamond Design Cup Holder Container: This is another option to contain small trash or even small accessories. Cute but could take up valuable cup holder space. Depends on your priorities!

  7. Quay Aviator Sunglasses: On the flipside of my sunscreen habits, sunglasses are one thing I don’t leave the house without! In the sunshine state, where we’ve got sun most days a year, that sun can really be tiresome on the eyes. Also nothing like driving at sunrise or sunset to make you regret not having a pair, which is something you may be doing alot depending on the nature of your trip. In my opinion, everyone looks good in a pair of classic aviators! Even better, they are unisex. Get your and your significant other a matching set, plus you have a back up if you lose yours in a public bathroom (I know, that example is specific, but it’s happened more than twice to me).

  8. Vintage Inspired Coleman Cooler: Okay, so I have a very interesting cooler option below, but this guy totally caught my attention because I love anything with a vintage look! If you’re a classic cooler type of person or care about aesthetics as much as I do, this is the perfect cooler. Plus it has a bottle opener on the front! Honestly, that should be like a cooler law, bottle opener included. Don’t you agree?

  9. Car Emergency Kit: Every car needs one of these on the daily! I like this kit not only because of the pink color but because I feel like every item in this set up would be useful. Sometimes I feel like they include a lot of extras in these things that just make me feel overwhelmed and ignorant. Most importantly, I wanted to make sure that this came with jumper cables. You don’t want to find yourself without those.

  10. Our Moments Couples Game: This game is great any time, but definitely a perfect car game. There’s a couples version as well as families and kids. These are conversation starters and will definitely bring you closer. Reconnecting on a trip while you getaway together? Sounds like a two for one deal!

  11. Sea-Band Bracelets: If you’ve ever gotten motion sickness, you know that there is nearly nothing worse! I’ve gotten sick on ships and in cars. It’s not a normal thing for me but you never know when a windy road or riding in the backseat might backfire on you. Medicine usually knocks me out making me even more useless. These bracelets are prayers answered! No drugs, all natural, and preventative. I just put these on before getting in the car and I’ve never gotten motion sick since.

  12. Wagan 12v Personal Cooler/Warmer: Now this is the coolest thing I’ve stumbled on in a while. You can replace the messy, heavy, sloshy cooler with one that plugs into the car! It also has an option to warm things up. It even has cup holders on top if you put in in the middle of your backseat. I feel like they thought of everything! …except maybe that bottle opener. Don’t forget to bring one of those!

Of course this isn’t the end of the list but it’s a good start to make your cross country trip just a little bit more comfortable!



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