Hello Fellow Travel Lover, I’m Ashley

My goal is to help you plan your dream getaway.

Think of me as your jetsetting bestie who always has the hook up. And because we’re besties, you get all the benefits without the work.

Teacher turned travel advisor, Jetset Travelette is here to tailor your trips and help guide your globetrotting. With my guidance and expertise, you’ll never feel like any corner of the globe is unreachable since I specialize in far-flung locales. Plus you’ll always have someone who has your back while you’re abroad. #peaceofmind

I’m a lifelong travel nerd and powered by the groundbreaking travel agency Fora. Naturally, I’m always on top of the latest in the travel biz and have insider access to exclusive deals and perks to destinations world wide.

More of a DIYer? No problem! Stick around and I’ll teach you how I plan trips of my own.

Okay, bestie. Let’s plan that VIP trip you’ve been dreaming of.